Our parent company was formed in the late fall of 1998 by two brothers David and Stan Langford and continues under the present ownership.   

The genesis of Promo-Plates stretches back to the early sixties when David, the proud owner of a bright red 1959 Pontiac convertible realized that he could re-arrange the letters that spelled PONTIAC on the rear of his car to spell TOPCAT ...if he picked up a few extra letters at his local GM dealer. 

A weekend was lost removing the old letters, filling the holes, repainting and then finally drilling and resetting the modified letters in the the back of the car.  The transformation was complete.  What was once known a "my car" would forever be referred to as the "TOPCAT"  The brothers were amazed how many people noticed the name and commented on it.  By the way, you won't have to do all that work with your Promo-Plates nameplate  ...Its held on with automotive grade adhesive.  It installs in seconds.

Thirty years later, younger brother Stan was looking for a way to promote his new media company and thought the company's website address on the back of a flashy sports car might be the ticket.  After an exhaustive search it was clear automotive quality letters were not available. Everyone he contacted agreed they should be... and now they are.
Since their introduction in late 1996 over 80,000 nameplates have been sold
Both Topcat the car and Topcat the cartoon series are long gone
...but the concept of custom lettering lives on. 


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