Landscape with a grotto and a group of gypsies, David Teniers the Younger

Description of the picture:

Landscape with a grotto and a group of gypsies – David Teniers the Younger. Canvas, oil. 1640s 51.7×63.5

   The canvas refers to the works of the painter, created in the early 1640s. In this early landscape composition, the influence of the works of Jos de Momner is no longer as noticeable as in The Mountain Landscape. Here Teniers acts as a completely independent master.

   Depending on the subject of the image and on the task, he changes his style within the same picture. So, tiny figures (in the scene of fortune-telling gypsy fortune-teller) are interpreted very picturesquely. Rocks, on the contrary, are outlined by a rigid contour and are more strict in drawing. Their bizarre shapes resonate with the romantic silhouette of a castle towering in the distance on a mountain."

And all the best they did

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