Painting “Smoker” by Paul Cezanne – description

Description of the picture:

Smoker – Paul Cezanne. Between 1890-1892. Canvas, oil. 92.5×73.5

Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) – French artist, the brightest representative of post-impressionism. Despite the fact that he worked at the same time as the impressionists, painters followed different paths. Masters were interested not only in light and color, he tried to find other ways to convey forms and objects. Unlike the Impressionists, Cezanne did not seek to capture the moment. He wrote each of his works for an extremely long time, repeatedly returning to certain motives.

   In the last decade of his life, the artist often depicted seated models. He needed a static, motionless pose, since he treated the figure of a person as an object. He was not interested in the nature of the model, but in its shape and color scheme on the canvas. With a greenish tint, he, like a sculptor, sculpts the figure three-dimensionally and places color reflexes on the man’s hands. Cezanne does not prescribe the smoker’s eyes, leaving dark spots of paint instead. Abstracting from everyday aspects, he develops the theme of detachment from everyday fuss."

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