Reception of the French Ambassador in Venice – Antonio Canal (Canaletto)

Description of the picture:

Reception of the French ambassador in Venice – Antonio Canal (Canaletto). 1726-1727. Canvas, oil. 181×259.5

   Antonio Canal is an Italian painter, one of the greatest Vedic artists depicting everyday urban landscapes. He worked in Venice, Rome, as well as London, where he was elected a member of the Royal Academy.

   In the picture presented official reception of the french ambassador Jacques-Vincent Lange, Count de GĂ©rgey November 4, 1726. The program of such ceremonies was carefully thought out and developed. The ambassador was taken to one of the islands, from where he seemed to re-arrive in the city on luxurious gondolas. Together with his retinue he was brought to the Doge’s Palace – the center of the state life of the republic, where the official meeting took place.

   Venice and its unique architecture act as a kind of decoration for this theatrical performance. Canaletto meticulously recorded all the details of the historical event, among its participants the Venetians in black and white masks, triangular hats, magnificent and colorfully dressed French guests are easily recognized. Canaletto’s works are distinguished by topographic accuracy, combined with the vivid decorative color, to which he conveys a colorful and festive Venetian atmosphere."

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