Still Life, Christopher Paudiss, 1660

Description of the picture:

Still life – Christopher Paudiss. 1660. Oil on canvas. 62×47
   Christopher Paudiss (c. 1625-1666), a German artist, one of the greatest masters of the 17th century, wrote genre and religious scenes. In portraiture, Paudiss was influenced by Rembrandt, therefore his still lifes, executed in the tradition of poetic realism, are much more original.

   The presented picture is distinguished by an exquisite golden-brown color, a light-air medium is subtly conveyed in it, which envelops simple objects that poetically tell about human life. Ordinary, non-demanding things – a bunch of onions, a jug and hanging on a light wall of the bank – are typical “Kitchen still life”. The contours of objects are devoid of volume; they are part of the environment, as if flooded with golden light."

And all the best they did

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