The Bean King, Jacob Jordaens, circa 1638

Description of the picture:

The bean king is Jacob Jordaens. Around 1638. Oil on canvas. 157×211

   The Flemish artist Jacob Jordaens (1593-1678) is the author of many paintings like the one presented, splashing with fun and enthusiasm. The master was prolific, his artistic heritage is almost seven hundred works.

   In the work The Bean King shows the still existing holiday “the sin of kings.” According to legend, the three king-sorcerers came to bow to the born Baby Christ. One of the traditions associated with this event is baking in a festive bean pie. The one who finds him in his piece is proclaimed the “king” and becomes the chairman of the feast, the crown is entrusted to him, he chooses the queen for himself, the others involved are his courtiers. Jordaens portrayed a feast when the fun reached its climax. Each of those present is already having fun on their own, one is singing, the other is playing a musical instrument, a woman is drinking a little daughter with wine, a man in a jester costume is trying to make a speech, even the heroine in the foreground got into a drunken mood, and she completely forgot about her fragile baby, A gray-haired the king raises another glass with an unsteady хэнд. The artist writes with warm brown and golden colors, so all his characters breathe health, and the manner of performance is free and fast."

And all the best they did

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