Portrait of Princess Yusupova, Serov, 1902

Description of the picture:

Portrait of Princess Z. N. Yusupova – Valentin Alexandrovich Serov. 1902. Oil on canvas. 181.5×133

   Princess Yusupova is gorgeous in a ceremonial portrait by Serov. Secular lady, aristocrat to your fingertips. The dress gives an exquisite taste and strict adherence to fashion. The princess could decorate the most demanding fashion magazine of the early twentieth century.

   The interior of the room seemed to be created specifically for the portrait – it harmoniously complements the model so much. The dog in the portrait is not accidental. It has been an integral part of ceremonial portraits since the Italian Renaissance.

   The princess in the portrait is sweet and amiable. Her gaze is scattered. An interesting detail attracts the viewer’s eye: the princess’s right хэнд, lying on her lap. Thin, pale, chiseled. Serov with particular care wrote out this detail, so elegantly revealing the character of Countess Yusupova."

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