“Ship Grove”, Shishkin – Description and Video

Description of the picture:

Ship Grove – Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. Oil on canvas one hundred sixty five x 252

   The outstanding landscape painter Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin, according to contemporaries, was known as the true “king of the forest”. The painting “Ship Grove” is one of the last in the work of the master. Compositions of the work are inherent in strict balance and a clear alignment of plans, but it does not contain the composition of the landscape that is characteristic of painting of the 18th – first half of the 19th centuries.

   Fine observation and faultlessly found point of view can successfully capture a piece of nature, turning it into a stage platform for living nature. Sensitive perception of nature, a love of comprehension of her features and masterful transmission of her charm by the language of painting make Shishkin’s canvases tactile, giving the viewer the opportunity to feel the resinous smell of the forest, its morning coolness and freshness of air.

   The story about forest life, captivating with its sincerity, was a great success with the public."

And all the best they did

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