Picture & quot; Sneak A Kiss & quot; – Fragonard

Description of the picture:

Sneak a kiss – Jean Honore Fragonard. 1787-1789. Canvas, oil. 45×55
   The masterly master of the rococo style, Jean Honore Fragonard was a student of famous artists – Francois Boucher and Jean-Baptiste Chardin. The painter is known as the author of paintings on “gallant” topics, he developed the direction set by Antoine Watteau.

   “Sneak a kiss” – the peak of the “gallant” work of the master. The young man “steals” a kiss from a young girl, her right хэнд is squeezed by the palms of the young man who holds the heroine beside him. She anxiously looks at the door ajar, so that no one would come in and see them. The persuasiveness with which the figures are written, the texture of the fabric, the interior and the chiaroscuro in the room are striking."

And all the best they did

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