Portrait of Count N. D. Guriev, Ingres, 1821

Description of the picture:

Portrait of Count N. D. Guriev – Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres. 1821. Oil on canvas. 107×86

   In the Hermitage collection, Ingres is represented by the only work — a portrait painted in Florence of Nikolai Dmitrievich Guryev, the aide-adjutant Alexander I, a participant in the war of 1812, a diplomat, an official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

   The artist emphasizes the individuality of the appearance of the Russian nobleman. He emphasizes a proud pose and an energetic turn of the head, and a cloak effectively thrown over his shoulder makes the portrait ceremonial. However, the complexity of the personal characteristics of the model, unusual for an academic portrait, and a special alarming state, which is emphasized by a landscape background with a lead pre-stormy sky, add to the canvas features of romanticism, which replaced academicism and classicism."

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