Belorus, Ilya Efimovich Repin, 1882

Description of the picture:

Belarus – Ilya Efimovich Repin. 1882. Oil on canvas. 71.5×102

In the Russian Empire, Belarusians are the most miserable and slaughtered people. Repin destroys this stereotype by creating a portrait of a Belarusian guy. Before us is a confident young man with a cautious, slightly shy smile on his face. The caftan is tied up with a festive green sash, a pink shirt is visible under the caftan, obviously also intended for special occasions. Black, curly hair, a blush on all cheeks, a light mustache (undoubtedly, the subject of pride of their owner). There is so much naive curiosity, vitality, fun in the hero’s look that it becomes clear to the viewer – he is, without a doubt, a happy person.

Good nature, reverie, a cheerful disposition are the very qualities that completely destroy the stereotype of the slaughtered Belarusian peasants."

And all the best they did

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